Go Ahead, Sprinkle It with Garlic

Welcome to our New Website!
December 7, 2016
Welcome to our New Website!
December 7, 2016

If you want to free your home of vampires and insects, garlic is the perfect remedy. Humans, on the other hand, love garlic—so much so that records date its use for thousands of years. Evidence shows that it was cultivated 5000 years ago in Asian cultures, it’s been found the Egyptian tombs, and it was eaten by the ancient Greeks before competitions and going to war. We cook with it, use it for medicinal purposes, and some even use ropes of braided garlic as kitchen décor. In Asia they stir fry with it, in India they add it to curries, and in Italy, they seem to put it on everything from bread to salads.
Garlic excites food making it more flavorful and enticing, but there are also many health benefits that can be achieved from adding garlic to your diet, and while most people only see whole cloves as being beneficial, because granulated garlic, such as that available through Babunya’s Gourmet Spices, is derived from whole garlic, it also provides the same benefits as fresh garlic.

Take a look at these six reasons to add garlic to your diet.

  1. Fights inflammation to help with arthritis and organ function
  2. Prevents blood clots
  3. Improves blood pressure and cholesterol levels by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol
  4. High in antioxidants that protect against cell damage that could lead to cancer, Alzheimer’s, and dementia
  5. Eases common illnesses such as colds and flues by boosting the immune system
  6. Provides several nutrients including potassium, manganese, vitamins B1, B6 and C, Selenium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, iron, and Fiber.

Adding garlic using Babunya’s Granulated Garlic is easy. It takes only 1/4 teaspoon of granulated garlic to equal one clove of garlic, and while eating that much garlic by the spoonful might not sound appealing, spreading it on dishes throughout the day will not only give you the benefits of garlic, but it will also bring your cooking to life.
Many everyday dishes already include garlic in their recipes. A simple daily menu might include, for example

  • Breakfast
    • Scramble 4 eggs with 1/8 teaspoon garlic and ¼ cup of cilantro.
  • Lunch
    • Add ¼ teaspoon garlic and ¼ cup of mayonnaise to one can of tuna for tuna salad sandwiches.
  • Dinner
    •  Add 1 teaspoon granulated garlic to beef for hamburgers.
    •  Use ½ teaspoon garlic, one table spoon Babunya’s parsley flakes, and three tablespoons extra virgin olive oil for oven roasted potatoes
  • Snack:
    • Sprinkle ½ teaspoon granulated garlic over popcorn for a savory snack.

Because garlic is so flavorful, it can add spice to any dish, and for those who are on sodium restricted diets, garlic has the ability to bring the flavor back to foods without the added health risk.
There is, however, one caution to adding Babunya’s Granulated Garlic to your cooking—bad breath—but there is a solution. If kissing is in your future and you have a partner you want to keep healthy, be sure to add a little Babunya’s Gourmet Granulated Garlic to their diet too.

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